The forest is the ideal partner for the industry on its way via Net Zero to the Nature Positive scenario.

Especially in view of the regulation on sustainability (CSRD and CSDD), the forest and its comprehensive ecosystem services can satisfy the existing great demand on the part of industry and society for neutralization possibilities for residual emissions.

Our goal: To establish a transparent certification standard for forest ecosystem services in order to give true value to the forest and to help forest owners and businesses address their challenges (“Nature Positive approach”).

In this way, we help both forest owners and companies to cope with the new, complex challenges of climate change and administrative regulations. We make the diverse ecosystem services of the forest measurable and usable.

Who can benefit from our certificates according to QF standard - Our target groups


Investors and banks are guided by ESG criteria. Sustainability is rewarded by financing conditions. Consumers are rethinking their purchasing behavior and placing more value on the environment, social responsibility and integration. Many consumers develop an emotional attachment to products or companies that are perceived as sustainable. Our primary industrial target group therefore comprises those companies that strive for “Real Sustainability”, i.e. that are not satisfied with meeting regulatory requirements, but want to have a real environmental and social impact in the sense of the “Nature Positive approach”. These include those companies that have been or are seeking to be certified against the Sciences Based Targets Initiative criteria. These can and may only offset their residualCO2 emissions with certificates from carbon sinks. Besides peatlands, forests are the only available natural carbon sink. Thus, our certificates guarantee the “License to Grow” for companies.


Municipalities can benefit from our offering in two ways. On the one hand, many municipal operations also fall under the regulations on sustainability. Just like private companies, they can offset theirCO2 emissions on their way to Net Zero with our help and invest in the preservation and optimization of the forest ecosystem. On the other hand, they are often forest owners themselves and can therefore have their forests certified by QF.

Forest owners:

Our primary target group among forest owners are large private forest owners and municipalities. They can have their forests transparently certified by QF. Revenues are generated from forest services that were not previously rewarded. Thus, in addition to the previous focus on timber, forest owners can now optimize their forests for stability and ecosystem services and are compensated for this.